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Portland Taiko drummers greet riders on the Providence Bridge Ride atop the Marquam Bridge.
Summer isn’t all play and no work. In fact, in some neighborhoods, it’s hard to miss the sound of work as construction ramps up with the dry weather.
Like the sound of trucks carving a road out of a Southwest Portland hillside, or a backhoe punching through asphalt so utility workers can lay new sewer pipes.
What sounds remind you of summer?  Add your own to this tumblr page!

You can submit your own sounds that remind you of summer by posting them to our blog.  
If you experience any difficulties, you can consult tumblr’s help and tips pages here: 
You can also email us your sounds to: SoundsofSummer@opb.org 

Taiko drummers great thousands of cyclists atop the Marquam Bridge during the Providence Bridge Pedal.



What sounds like summer to you? The lawnmower next door as you are trying to get to bed early, or the sound of a kayak sliding and squeaking across the roof of your car? Maybe it is the beach punctuated with the call of seagulls and the crash of waves against the shore. Here on tumblr, OPB shares a few sounds we’ve collected and encourage you to send us some, too. We’ll pluck some of the best sounds submitted here and air them on OPB radio. 

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Sounds of Summer

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